Vehicle Damage Appraisal

Need an accurate and fair cost for repairs?

Let Vehicle Inspection Solutions provide you with the utmost and reliable service in assessing the cost of damages to any vehicle.

  • Vehicle Inspection Solutions has certified independent auto damage appraisers servicing all 50 states in the United States.
  • Our highly trained appraisers evaluate damages for all types of vehicles including light/heavy trucks, trailers, heavy duty equipment, and recreational vehicles.
  • We also provide service for watercrafts, motorcycles, specialty, classics, and exotics.
  • In addition, we have appraisers specializing for property damage and high value losses.
  • No matter what type of loss, we are here for you. Let us handle all your any accidental, vandalism, theft recovery, mechanical, fire, or even flood damages.

The Process:

  • Make the initial contact with client within 24 hours of inspection request.
  • Complete vehicle inspection on appointed date and time.
  • Submit appraisal report, estimate, photos, and any applicable forms to audit to be reviewed and forwarded to client.
    • Our goal is to complete the service and submit file back to client within 24 hours.
    • We are committed to providing our clients with file status updates every 24 hours.
    • Quality control and in-house audit for all files.
    • We handle all supplements and re-inspections within a timely manner.
    • Photos only inspections and scene investigations also available upon request.
  1. The Appraisal Report:
    • Date of contact
    • Date of Inspection
    • Inspection location
    • Damages observed
    • Part usage
    • Repair time
  2. The Estimate:
    • Cost of repairs
    • Unrelated prior damages
    • Part usage sources
  3. The Inspection Photos:
    • Vin
    • Mileage
    • License Plate
    • 4 corners
    • Measurement photos
    • Damage area
    • Engine compartment
    • Undercarriage/Roof
    • Frame/Inner structure
    • Interior/Options
  4. Total Loss Form: (if applicable)
    • Complete vehicle valuation

Total Loss Settlement

  • Do you have a dispute for the settlement value of your total loss vehicle?
    • Let Vehicle Inspection Solutions help you with the settlement.
  • We will obtain the actual cash value for total loss vehicle.
  • We can also provide a diminished value.
  • Contact us for more information.

Desk Review

  • Provide desk review service for all insurance companies and clients.
  • File audit and estimate revision to meet carrier requirements.
  • Verify itemized estimate to make sure they are in-line with damages.
  • Quality control service for all files.

Vehicle Valuation

Vehicle Inspection Solutions can provide you with a vehicle appraisal value whether it is a custom, exotics, classics, or specialty craft.

  • Do you consider your vehicle a liability? Well it could very well be an asset.
  • To protect your assets and obtain the maximum profit, you may want to consult with Vehicle Inspection Solutions regarding the accurate value of your vehicle.
  • Our professional staff will assist you in providing you the market value of your vehicle based on the mileage, options, and condition.
  • Contact us for more information.

Vehicle History Report

  • Are you buying a used car, but want to avoid costly hidden problems?
    • Then don’t run the risk of purchasing a vehicle without knowing the history. Request a detailed vehicle history report from us today and we will show you the Carfax.
  • The vehicle history report will provide a full report of all and hidden information containing the vehicle registration, title information, odometer readings, lemon history, recall information, vehicle usage, prior accidents, frame/structural damage, service and repair history.

Salvage Bids

  • Need a vehicle quote?
    • We have multiple dealers and independent companies with cash on hand that are willing to buy your vehicle. Our potential buyers are ready to purchase your car with any condition or damage such as accidental, fire, theft, vandalism, mechanical, electrical, hail, storm, flood, etc.
  • Contact us for more information.

Pre Purchase/Used Car Inspection

Want to purchase a used car, but not sure what the seller is offering and what condition the vehicle is in?
Request your service with Vehicle Inspection Solutions to provide you with a complete report and photos to help you make the decision in purchasing your vehicle.

  • Perform a 150-point bumper to bumper inspection.
  • Complete a full inspection checklist.
  • Provide high quality digital images of vehicle interior & exterior with options and conditions.
  • The inspector will check for prior damage, repairs, dents, chips, scratches, stains, etc.
  • We also inspect for any warning lights and fluid levels.
  • Our auto experts provide service for all foreign and domestic vehicles.
  • Classic and exotic vehicle inspections are also available upon request.
  • Inspection Areas:
    • Body/Paint     
    • Exterior
    • Interior
    • Lighting
    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Suspension
    • Steering
    • Brakes
    • Air conditioning
    • Wheels/Tires

Lease End/Return Inspection

  • Perform inspection to confirm that vehicle wear and tear standards are met.
  • Provide a detailed report and photos of the vehicle before lease end.
  • Inspect for damages, dents, dings, tire wear, rips, stains, windshield cracks, etc.
  • Provide service for all foreign and domestic vehicles.

Mechanical Warranty Inspection

  • Perform a vehicle inspection for mechanical failures.
  • Provide a detailed report and photos of inspection findings.
  • Verify failure and confirm warranty coverage.
  • Provide service for all foreign and domestic vehicles.

Lemon Law Buy Back Inspection

  • Perform a vehicle inspection for manufacturer buyback.
  • Provide a thorough inspection report for the vehicle.
  • Complete all necessary forms and inspection photos.
  • Provide service for all foreign and domestic vehicles.